Covid-19 Info

In fact, this summer 2020 we should take some simple measures for your safety:


A covered counter will welcome our cakes, our croissants and all the “good things” that you have always found, but with the novelty that this year it will be our boy who will place them directly on your tray.


The number of tables will be reduced and the distances increased according to the indications… You will be distant, but united….


After each departure they will be cleaned with our certified and sanitized products.


All spaces will be sanitized, while the entrances will be programmed to allow everyone, young and old, to enjoy them in perfect safety.


It will be carried out mainly outdoors, while the internal room will be sanitized every day.
Several activities will be carried out simultaneously and in smaller groups, to guarantee the most important thing at all times: the health of our young guests.


All areas of our hotel will be sanitized daily.
Dispensers with sanitizing solution will be located throughout the hotel, available to you as guests, while each room will be equipped with a vial of sanitizing gel that you can always carry with you.


We will all wear the PPE provided, so as to protect each other.


It will be ready as always to provide you with all the necessary information to allow you to enjoy your holiday as serenely as possible.
Check-in will be done directly online.


We will try to make you stay outdoors as much as possible, organizing walks, excursions and many other activities simultaneously and for small groups … so you can experience our mountain in complete safety.

In the hotel we have prepared routes to ensure everyone’s safety, please keep interpersonal safety distances and use masks where necessary.


Our spa, in addition to a wellnes area where there are emotional showers (the Turkish bath and sauna this summer will not be usable) has a beauty area available for our guests where you can find a wide range of treatments, not only for adults but also for our little guests.

from 10.00 to 12.00
from 15.00 to 19.00

The spa can only be accessed by appointment for both the wellness area and the beauty area.
The cabins will be aired and sanitized at each entrance, our beauticians will be equipped with a mask, protective visor and gloves.

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