Holidays in Trentino for families

All the Hotel staff are committed to ensuring that families feel at home, with the extra advantage of numerous activities for entertainment and fun offered every week.
The Hotel, structured like a small village, offers plenty of open space for guests to better enjoy a fun mountain holiday: the hall with bar, video room with mega screen, tavern, children’s activity room (the largest one), and gym with Tecnogym equipment.

You know if its a good holiday by looking at the children…

A smiling child is a happy child!

Enjoy the holiday with your children you have always dreamt of! All the family are taken care of at Villaggio Nevada. Children feel completely at home in the wonderful Fantasy Workshop, offering them lots of fun and educational activities, while parents can enjoy some pleasant moments of relaxation in our Wellness Centre. There are also plenty of opportunities for mum and dad to enjoy magic moments with their children in the company of our entertainment staff, building things, making pastry, and sharing lots of emotions and smiles.

Making you feel at home

The Villaggio Nevada wants to make every family feel relaxed. We offer a wide selection of rooms to choose the one best suited to your needs and respecting the habits of the youngest: beds and cots can be positioned alongside the parents or in a connected room, rails for cots and cradles, options for co-sleeping with over-size beds to let everyone sleep in the family bed like you do at home. Villaggio Nevada also has spacious bathrooms where you can use your child’s baby bath. We also provide bottle warmers and sterilizers for babies.

The dining room has plenty of high chairs for comfort at the table. Our chef always prepares special menus for toddlers and older children (rice bears, ladybird omelettes, dachshund hotdogs, etc.) for eating together in good spirits. The parents can also request particular dishes.

Not to be overlooked is that our Hotel is recognized by the Italian Celiac Association as qualified to prepare meals for celiac guests.

A corner of the swimming pool is reserved to children so that they can play in the water in complete safety.

Special offers