Our kitchen

For us the kitchen and restaurant are spaces where our guests can not only appreciate what our Chefs have prepared for them, but also the setting for experiences that will make their stay at the Villaggio Nevada unique.
The large spacious restaurant allows the adults to enjoy mealtimes in tranquillity and the children to move around and explore among the tables.

The kitchen was recently renovated and transformed into an open plan kitchen, even with a platform to allow curious younger guests to watch the meal preparation process.
A section of the kitchen, the patisserie making area, was even designed to serve as a children’s workshop.  Our activities include cooking workshops for young children who finally get the chance for hands on cooking experience in complete safety because during the renovation work we replaced the gas burners with induction cookers.

Raw Materials

Our all inclusive hospitality is distinguished by a close attention to details, which extends to the choice of raw materials, whenever possible preferring small local producers.
For us at the Villaggio Nevada “zero km” production represents a concrete way to promote our local food and wine excellences.

Hotel for Celiacs

At the Hotel Villaggio Nevada we are very careful about the dietary needs of our guests, and for many years our Hotel has been a catering venue listed by CeliachiaItalia.
Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to gluten, a complex of nitrogenized substances that form during dough making with water and various cereal flours. Our kitchen is equipped to prepare food in safety and our staff are constantly trained to ensure the maximum confidence for our guests.

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