Celiac Guests

The Hotel is ideal for celiac guests

According to the statistics one person in a hundred is affected by celiac disease, which is an intolerance to gluten.
Celiacs must follow a diet strictly free of foods that contain gluten.
While this is relatively easy and simple in your own home, it becomes more problematic when you are travelling for work or on holiday.

It is thus important when travelling to know what facilities – hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, bars, etc. – serve gluten free food. It is not enough simply to exclude certain foods (cereals, for example) but to be certain that during the preparation of every food, even a meat dish, there is no contact with gluten. In Italy the Italian Celiac Association list on their website the caterers that are well informed about the disease and provide adequate catering for the needs of celiacs.

The Hotel Villaggio Nevada in Folgaria has been on the Association’s list of approved caterers for years. Indications are given for every dish served whether or not it is gluten free. Our kitchen also prepares food exclusively for celiacs, like for example bread. Therefore, if somebody in your family is affected by celiac disease you can confidently choose the Hotel Villaggio Nevada in Folgaria and count on a safe diet during the days of your holiday.

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