Bottega della Fantasia

We called this Bottega della Fantasia, the “Fantasy Workshop”, because we want it to be something different from the usual mini-club where parents “park” their children for a few hours of play and amusement.
The Bottega della Fantasia area is divided between two large rooms connected to each other to cater for the need for free movement of the older children and the need for quieter exploration of younger children, always paying particular attention to creativity and fun.

The games and furniture structure the space on the basis of different ages and interests: soft surfaces at graduated heights for group play, the transparency den to provide a safe hideaway, starfish tables to encourage fantasy and creativity, castles, market, and other role-play games to encourage the autonomy of the children, toys from around the world to train the imagination, speed, motor coordination, and collaboration.
For younger children: toys for sensory stimulation, a fenced off soft play area, and lots of books of fairy-tales to read out loud.

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