Costa-Ecken Biotope

Bike Tracks: Costa-Ecken Biotope

This is a short route but with many interesting points from a natural point of view and for the historic structures encountered along the way.

You come face to face with the eighteenth centuryMaso Spilzi (museum and exhibition centre) and the Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie(XVI sec.). , Go through the Maso Spilzi golf course (18 holes), becoming immersed in the beautiful natural setting of the Ecken Biotope, a protected wetlands area, finally reaching theSantuario della Madonna delle Grazie (sixteenth century).This track is also suitable for less expert cyclists.

Start from Costa, Négheli area, and ascend to Maso Spilzi pedalling over paving stones. Continue, turning right onto a dirt track, on a softer surface, until a junction with signs for various directions. Continue towards the Ecken Biotope going between the Golf Course greens.

After turning left, follow the easy dirt track along the edge of the Ecken Biotope, then head north-west towards the Santuario della Madonna delle Grazie. In front of the Santuario, turn left and descend the tarmac road towards Folgaria.

After a short distance you are back again close to Négheli, in Costa.

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Difficulty Easy

Time 22 minutes

Maximum altitude 1275 m

Distance 3,4 km

Height difference in ascent 55 m

Height difference in descent
61 m


route for families
Distance for E-Bikes Short

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