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logobikeAlpe Cimbra (Folgaria, Lavarone, Lucerne) is loved by those who love the bike. Every specialty of cycling (mountain bikes, e-bikes, cycling, road cycling, bike fat) found in this area, one of the largest alpine meadows of Europe, the ideal setting where they can be practiced with enjoyment and satisfaction.

Ride after ride to those who are taking the Alpe Cimbra cycling open beautiful landscapes, monuments of history, unpolluted nature, remains of ancient mountain activities, towns and charming villages.

Alpe Cimbra offers the taste of cycling for all: if you are not well-trained, you can opt for an excursion with the E-bike, thanks to the pedal assistance, allow it to address longer distances with less effort: along the paths long you can also find the bike chalet for charging. E-Bikes are available to rent in Folgaria, they are the medium that allows families, adults and children together, to live the adventure of going to the mountains on two wheels.

The paths available are numerous: longer, shorter, easier, more difficult. Here for you a our selection with all the useful and maps, even in GPX format, you can download. (The photos are simply issues, it does not refer to individual pathways).

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Folgaria Megabike

The trail follows the classic version of the Folgaria Megabike – Gibo Simoni Marathon.

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Relaxing and panoramic route which from Folgaria West reaches the suburb of Costa.

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100 km Forti area Folgaria

This trail starts in the Folgaria area and is a section of the 100 km dei Forti Marathon. .

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Costa- biotopo di Ecken 

It is an easy and relaxing ride suitable for everyone, also for the beginners and children.

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Passo del Sommo-Ortesino

It is a relaxing trail starting from Passo Sommo, leading through a dirt track and arriving in the forest area of Ortesino..

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Ascending Cherle Upland

Starting from the village Carbonare (1076 m), this long trail leads bikers inside the canyon of the Astico creek.

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Ascending Monte Maggio

Highly scenic trail that starts from the Camini crossroad near Passo Coe (1600 m) leading up to the top of the mount Monte Maggio (1853 m).

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Ascending Mount Cornetto

This is a high demanding trail, going up the steep south face of the Mount Cornetto.

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Passo Sommo – Val Fredda – Durer – Grimen

A long trail starting from Passo Sommo (1343 m) and leading to the Fiorentini highlands, near the border of the Trentino and Veneto regions.

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Folgaria-Val di Gola

From the West side of Folgaria the trail follows the ex-military road which rises up to Mount Cornetto.

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