Folgaria Mountain Bike: Three 100km tracks that lead to the fortresses

Folgaria is on the very wide Trentino plateau, which includes Lavarone, Luserna and Vigolana; it is an ideal location for hiking, mountain running and mountain biking. The plateau (1200-1300metres above sea level) doesn't have very steep slopes, and the local inhabitants keep the area immaculate. The roads are well kept, there isn't much traffic, and once you leave the road the silence is only broken by the birds. 

The plateau still has many fortifications remaining from World War One (1915-1918). The mountain bike tracks (and cross country ski tracks) pass by the track in the forest made by both the soldiers of the Austrian-Hungarian and the Italian armies, in some places you can still see the small stone walls beside the paths.  There is a Beautiful rest stop where you can still see the fortiifications made from stone and used by the commanders of the two front lines of this field and as a refuge for the soldiers in the Great War. 

The sight of some of the hidden fortresses in the forest sends shivers up your spine.

Folgaria Mtb is a 100km track around the fortresses and is a competition that was created in 1995. It is on a very emotional track, which was originally 100km but was later reduced to 90km, that goes around the numerous fortresses of the Great War.

Over time Lavarone became the centre of the event and the track of the competiton has changed. Now we have created different tracks which are covered all year round, they are also well marked. The tracks can be taken at your own pace, and you are always immersed in the silence of the natural forests of the alpi trentine.

The 100km track has been divided into three loop circuits, the Apt of Trentino recommends that you try them either together or independently (you can find maps at the information centres for just 2 euros.) 

  • 52.5km Folgaria plateau (starts at Passo del Sommo)
  • 23.95km Lavarone plateau (starts at Parco Palu)
  • 26.48km Luserna plateau (starts at Piazza Marconi)

The first track mentioned above is for experienced bikers. We recommend allowing 4-5 hours because the track is very uneven.

 The second track mentioned above is very easy, we recommend allowing 2-3 hours as there is only 360 metres of uneven surfaces.

Il terzo percorso è stato mappato da Giscover, nella sua versione "lunga" di circa 40 Km e con 1300 mt di dislivello è anche questo indicato per un allenamento medio alto. La bicicletta non si improvvisa, 1300 mt di dislivello non sono un gioco.
The third track mentioned above was drawn by Giscover, the long version is approximatly 40km and it reaches a medium height of 1300metres. It is recommended for experienced bikers and at 1300metres you are reminded that mountain biking isn't a game.

Here are the files for google Earth (KLM) and gpx, you can download them free and use them on your mobile GPS, they are for the first circuit of 53km, and the second circuit of 23km and the long version of the third track.

  1. first track: download
  2. second track: download
  3. third track: download

Another track we recommend is the walking track "il rifugio stella e forte Sommo" which is very easy and beautiful in the summer and winter months. It starts from "passo di Sommo" (1343m) and finishes at "forte di Sommo" (1613m) -> download

All of the tracks are easy to reach in a few minutes by car from our hotel, or directly by bicycle

You can find more information at our reception about tracks, distances, rental, where it is possible to take your mountain bike and what you will need to take to the mountain.
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